Me and Erik

Me and Erik

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am almost 6 weeks along and will have my ultrasound next week. I am very excited and anxious. This morning I was having one of those anxious times. I am close to the time I had my miscarriage a year and a half ago and I couldn't get it off my mind. So I went upstairs and prayed and God gave me such a peace. I am feeling so much better.
I've been feeling pretty good so far. Last night I was able to stay up till 9:00. I had been going to bed between 7:00 and 8:00. Sunday I felt queasy all day but other then that for the most part been feeling pretty good.
I still thank God everyday for this blessing He has given to us. I am so so thankful to Him. I am also so thankful for those of you who are still praying. I ask that you still pray just as hard for a healthy pregnancy and that I will continue to feel peace. I would really appreciate that. Also pray that the ultrasound next week goes well and everything looks good.
God is good!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

He is a rewarder if them that diligently seek Him.

I know alot of you have been anxiously awaiting an update. God has answered our prayers and I am pregnant. I went in on Sunday to have labs done. They like to see anything over 100 and mine was 535. Which is good. Then I went back in today to make sure they were going up and they were 1500. Dr. Cooper called me to let me know and congratulated me.
We are very excited. I have been praying and thanking God ever since. He has been so evident through all of this. I have never seen Him so clearly.
Thank you all so much for praying. I know that is the reason this worked and went smoothly. This whole infertility thing is very hard to go through and I can't imagine how people do it without a faith in God.
I ask that you continue to pray just as hard for a healthy full term baby (or babies). I have an ultrasound scheduled for Nov. 4th to make sure everything is still good and to see how many are in there. :) Please don't forget to pray. I am so excited but still cautious.
Again I cannot thank you all enough for your prayers. You will never know how much we appreciate it. Like I've said many times it feels as if the pressure wasn't all on my shoulders and I had other people talking to God for me.
I will keep you updated after the ultrasound to see what that says. Did I mention I'm pregnant?!?! God is so good!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ok this won't be long because I am sick and want to go back to bed but I thought I'd update everyone since I haven't been keeping up.
Out of the 6 eggs that were fertilized only 3 made it to Tuesday, the day of my transfer. The 2 they put back in they said looked great and were "text book" embryos. It took literally 3 minutes to put back in then I had to lay there for a half hour.
The nurse had warned me that my bloating could get worse after this. And yes it did! I look like I'm 3 months pregnant and on top of that I am so nauseated. I haven't been sleeping well at night because I am so uncomfortable and sick. Last night though was a little better and the nurse prescribed me some nausea medicine that seems to help a tad.
They say to get the bloating down I am supposed to drink lots and lots of gatorade. Which I am but it's hard to eat or drink in large amounts when you feel so bloated and that nothing will fit into your stomach. But like I said I am feeling a little better today and am so thankful for that.
Please pray that this will work and these 2 babies are growing inside of me. Also pray that I feel a little better. I don't handle nausea well and the bloating is very uncomfortable. I know in the end it will all be worth it. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fertilized Eggs

I got a call today and out of the 25 eggs, 16 were able to be injected and only 6 were fertilized. At first I was a bit disappointed but I think I was getting a bit greedy. I had alot more eggs then normal and because of that I expected to have all these eggs fertilized. Having 6 eggs is actually average and a good thing. We only need one to take. We will go in on Tuesday to have the transferred. Please pray this takes the first try. God has worked everything out perfectly thus far and I know he will continue to be there.
Tonight I start my progesterone shots. These, I hear, are not fun. They go in my hip/butt and are intramuscular (longer needle). They have to be done at the same time each day which makes it hard because of Erik's work schedule.
Well that's all I have for today. I will keep you updated. Please pray that all 6 eggs do well and continue to do well.